High performance cast PET movie extrusion lines provides economic climate of range

High efficiency cast PET DOG movie extrusion lines, an additional calculated advancement of Brückner Formtec, have actually secured a big success on international markets. Three such Formtec lines are currently in assembly - two of which will be supplied by the end of this year. Provided Brückner Formtec ´ s advertising idea, Economic situation of Scale, these actors lines are perfectly matched for high efficient FAMILY PET film production. More processing steps yield these movies for different sort of thermoformed short articles, such as cups as well as trays, or PET/PE laminates for FFS packaging.

The density for 3-layer cast movie ranges from 125 to 1.000 µm. Some vital numbers consist of web film sizes approximately 1.900 mm and an optimum mechanical speed of 150 m/min. Extrusion output is presently up to 5.000 kg/h, an unchallenged value and also assurance for highest performance.

Twin screw extrusion for FAMILY PET handling without predrying has actually been optimized for high redeem portions. The procedure offers just a minimal decrease of the inherent thickness (IV) and therefore makes it possible for usage of up to 100 % flake product for the core layer. These flakes can be acquired either from edge trim, start-up waste, thermoforming trims or from redeemed post consumer container scrap.

The cool rolls, with sizes up to 2.4 m, attribute electrostatic pinning for movie lay-on and an unique declining pitch spiral style, which ensures optimized uniform cooling. This technology was extensively established by Brückner Maschinenbau for BOPET lines and has actually been specifically adjusted by Brückner Formtec for their product range.

The movie account is determined by a beta-ray scale, which is related to the trademarked Brückner TCE - Thickness Control with Evolution Strategy. This allows automated adjustments to the density account, in order to achieve perfect film quality.

Further ingenious features are inline layer or lamination for enhanced added worth due to manufacturing steps elimination as well as multi-layer layout up to 7 layers. The lines existing most advanced technology as well as a superior security principle. All Brückner Formtec lines can be regulated using an unique visual and also straightforward interface guaranteeing complete system combination.

bhmt chemical supplies a connection in between the Venture Resource Planning software and also line control and also makes sure perfect production preparation as well as control. The entire handling as well as production background beginning with raw material to the ended up item can be exactly tracked.
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